IndieCast Radio Spotlight: Meadows Fortune

Posted: December 3, 2012 in IndieCast Spotlight

Meadows FortuneThe debut album from Bloomington Indiana’s MeadowsFortune, Reckless Believer, is a storytelling journey of both sadness and hope. Recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, the album features 11 tracks ranging from inspiring ballads to all out rock and roll!

Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

He stood there nervously, his self-recorded demo in hand, talking to Scott Phillips and David Hall in the awe-inspiring corridors of Blackbird Studio. But the story of Meadows Fortune began many years before this sunny summer day in Nashville, Tennessee.
Twenty-three years earlier, Jeffery Todd first sat behind the black and white keys of a piano, its enormous frame overpowering his small stature. Little did he know that music would take on such an important role in his adult life. As he learned chords, scales, theory, the building blocks of melodic sound, he never thought that one day he would revisit these ideas in a room where icons of the music industry had stood before him. While his lessons at The Children’s Music Workshop in Bloomington, Indiana sometimes interfered with the desires of childhood, his mother encouraged him to persevere, saying that “one day he would be glad he did.” She was right.

As his training continued, he broadened his perspective by enrolling in the Young Pianist Program at the renowned Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Under the tutelage of incredible musicians such as Christina Poon and Fred Hammond, Jeff gained a deeper understanding for the classical song. During the years he spent in the program, he gained a musical foundation that would undoubtedly prove to be essential. However, his appreciation for the emotional impact of music had not been truly explored until he met his seventh grade teacher, Travis Vanest. An artist, musician, and role-model, Travis gave his students a glimpse into the world of the singer-songwriter. Creating stories of all kinds, his songs allowed the listener to take part in his struggles, triumphs, sadness, and satisfaction. Through Travis, Jeff understood that music was much more than just notes on a page.

Years later, as Jeff began to pursue his dream, he learned that in the music industry, the wrong studio could make even a great artist sound bad. He knew that he had to make a huge decision and needed to find people that he could trust. After speaking with several recording facilities in his hometown, as well as New York and Orlando, he still was not sold on any particular location. He began to look into where his greatest influence, Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Creed, had recorded. Alter Bridge had recorded their second album Blackbird at, ironically, Blackbird Studio. The record had been a great success with the band’s fan base and the studio was highly praised. Because of this, Jeff decided to look into what it would take to bring his dream to Nashville. However, upon visiting the studio’s website, he was overwhelmed and intimidated by the list of clients that stretched across the screen. Martina McBride, Taylor Swift, Evanscence, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The White Stripes, Bruce Springsteen, The Fray, Keith Urban, Paramore, Dolly Parton, Bon Jovi, and that was just on the first page. “I don’t fit in here,” Jeff thought to himself. “They’ll laugh me all the way back to Bloomington.” This wasn’t a place for some unknown kid, with no experience, to record his first album… or was it?
Sometimes you just have to take a chance. Listen for the tracks “Temporary Solution” and “Last Goodbye” now in rotation on IndieCast Radio.


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