IndieCast Radio Spotlight: STACK

Posted: December 3, 2012 in IndieCast Spotlight

STACKComposed of veterans of the local and national music scenes; (the Screamin Cheetah Wheelies, Love’s Tragedy, Thousandfold) Nashville, TN based STACK bring their fresh take on straight-forward, hard-hitting Rock N’ Roll.

Originally formed in 2006, the members of STACK decided to take the time to write and record their self-titled debut album before taking their music to the stage. By early 2007, a well-rehearsed and focused Rock N’ Roll outfit was ready to bring their music to the masses. So, for the next year and a half, that is exactly what they did. Performing in the regional areas of the South and parts of the MIdwest, STACK steadily began to make their mark as a band to be reckoned with.

By mid 2008, original drummer Terry Thomas decided to leave the band in pursuit of a new career path. With the remaining members of the band determined to push forward, STACK began a series of auditions that yielded no agreeable results. So in early 2009, the members of STACK decided to put the band on indefinite hiatus

In 2012, after a hiatus that lasted over 2 years, the members of STACK found themselves together again and back on stage. Accompanied by new drummer David Dicks, the band has returned with new music and a new focus. While splitting time between the stage and the studio, STACK plans on releasing a follow-up EP (recorded at Red Feather Recordings in Nashville) that is slated for release before the end of 2012. Listen for tracks “Am I Wrong” and “Firebird” now in rotation on IndieCast Radio.


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