IndieCast Radio Spotlight: Bright Nights

Posted: February 20, 2013 in IndieCast Spotlight

Bright Nights began in 2006 as ELLO, an instrumental, studio-only recording project and much-needed distraction from other musical commitments for Eric Ackerman (bass/vocals) and Jon Pavelek (drums/vocals). After recruiting friends Nick Nealer (guitar/vocals) and Adam Jeanguenat (synth/guitar/vocals) along the way to add additional instrumentation to the recordings, the four decided in 2010 to have a go at arranging the songs for a live band.

They spent the long, cold winter of 2010 recording what would become their self-titled debut EP at Eric’s cozy farmhouse studio, Audiomite, in Armada, Michigan. Still faced with the challenge of properly adapting the recorded material for live play, long-time friend Josh LaFalce (guitar) joined in 2011 to round out the lineup.

Songs from their current EP “Bright Nights” can be heard now on IndieCast Radio.

More on the band can be found at


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