IndieCast Radio Spotlight: Fu Dog

Posted: February 20, 2013 in IndieCast Spotlight

“Fu Dog rocks!”- Something you might hear anyone say who listens to this Chattanooga based rock band. Their swamp trudging neo blues has a mind of its own and answers to no one. Fu Dog’s righteous songs break the chains of stereotypical rock music because, let’s face it, there is nothing stereotypical about this band.

Fu Dog hails from Chattanooga, TN and has just released their first EP titled, “Imaginary Friends”, spreading the good news of it’s blues rock. Songs like “Alabama Woman” make you stomp your feet, and “Creepin’ Tom” places you inside the B-movie, psychedelic world that is Fu Dog. This EP truly is a must hear and Fu Dog’s live performances are a definite must see!

Most rock groups begin, sound, and look the same these days. A few people meet in an overly cramped room, crank some amplifiers and get to it. This was defintiely not the case for founding members David Long and Charles Newby. The two friends came together with nothing more than a few instruments, a cassette recorder, and a love for the absurd.

In the summer of 2011, David and Charles packed their bags headed for Gulf Shores, Alabama, where they would write and record for “Imaginary Friends”. By early November, with finished tracks in hand, the two moved back to Chattanooga to put the band together. After running into former bandmate Greg Pickett and Cameron Schmidt, picking up bass and drums, Fu Dog was formed. One heavy-hitting, foot-stomping southern rock and roll band that is surely to catch fire.

Listen to Fu Dog’s latest singles “Brakelines and “Creepin’ Tom” now in rotation on IndieCast Radio.

More on Fu Dog can be found at


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